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5 people you really don’t want designing your website

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5 people you really don’t want designing your website

This article was written by: Dylan Kohlstädt [click here to view original article] Everybody seems to be an expert when it comes to web design. If you are tasked with maintaining or redesigning your website, then be warned: everyone will have an opinion, and most will insist that their opinion is correct. Most people tend […]

Information overload. Get Creative.

Brands have to now, more than ever be creative to capture the attention of their potential market. In fact, if I write more that 400 words in this post, chances are you will only read till the fourth line and then scroll down to the picture. FACT! So, while I still have a line to […]

Brand who? Brand Pitt?

We all know of famous movie stars, musicians and, let me not forget politicians! Most of them have their own publicist or PR person promoting them as a brand.  With the rise of Social Media and being connected to thousands of people it became increasingly important (for some) to build their own personal brand or […]