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Networking Event – 3rd October – The Views Boutique Hotel – Wilderness Featured

There are still a few places available at the next Business Networking event to be held at the Views Boutique Hotel in Wilderness. It will be a cocktail event, with the cost per person being julietta in canada R50.00. There will be a cash bar afterwards.

To confirm your attendance, please send an email to

See you there!

The Garden Route Business Circle Team

Business Circle Breakfast – Conrad Pezula – 1st August 2013

We are now in the final planning stages of the next Business Breakfast, which will be held at the magnificent Conrad Pezula in Knysna on Thursday the 1st of August. Registration will start at 7.30 for some ‘Early Bird’ networking. We aim to be complete by no later than 9.45am. For those of you wanting to stay a bit long, watch out for our 10@10 ‘Special’.

Power Minute presentations by Knysna Electronics, Conrad Pezula, Old Mutual, Conservation Global, BizRev and the Architectural Forum Knysna & Plettenbergbay. Nashua George has provided an office printer, worth R2000 which will be drawn via a business card lucky dip draw.

See you there!

The Garden Route Business Circle Team

Update – Business Breakfast @ Conrad Pezula, 1st August 2013

Good Morning

Conrad Pezula

Conrad Pezula

Bookings for the next Business Breakfast, to be held at Conrad Pezula on the 1st of August have been brisk! We already have over 50 RSVP’s. If you have booked your seat, remember that we will require payment before the event. If you do not have our banking details, please send an email to

Please also see us on Facebook –

We already have a number of Power Minute co-sponsors, including Dycom, Old Mutual, Knysna Electronics and the Knysna and Plett Architects forum. We are discussing sponsorships with quite a few other organisations.

Warm Regards

The Business Circle Team




The Inaugural Knysna Awards aim to recognize business men and women, entrepreneurs and community leaders and people determined to spur change in our community.

“We strongly believe that enterprises, entrepreneurs and individuals – which advance our towns quest for innovation, quality and productivity- should be recognized”, event organiser, Pieter Cloete said. “Job creation efforts such as local manufacturing needs to be acknowledged, rewarded and encouraged.”

The categories are:

  • Business Man of the year Award
  • Business Woman of the year Award
  • Young entrepreneur Award
  • Social Media Award
  • Best tourism establishment Award
  • Best eatery Award
  • Community leader Award
  • Proudly Knysna Award
  • Local Charity Award
  • Employer of the year Award
  • Lifetime achievement Award
  • Outstanding Citizen Award

The public will have the opportunity to suggest two more categories in the next few weeks.

The nomination phase will commence on the 19th of June 2013 online on our website: Anyone can enter.  The Gala event will take place at Simola Hotel on the 17th of October 2013.

For more information visit the Awards website on

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Pieter Cloete

044 382 7053

Q&A with Louis Nel from Mosdell Pama & Cox regarding Wills




In the previous edition I dealt with questions and answers relating to intestacy.  Today I am touching on questions and answers regarding wills.


Q.        Is a will bought from a stationary shop and signed by the deceased valid?

A.        Yes – provided it complies with the requirements contained in the Law of Succession Act 43 of 1992 as amended and the Wills Act.   I would however strongly advise against buying a do-it-yourself will and suggest you consultant an attorney.


Q.        Once a will has been properly signed is it possible to change it later.

A.        Yes- the Wills Act lays down requirements to be complied with when wills are amended or when old wills are changed.


Q.        Who make a will?

A.        Any person of the age of 16 years or more may make a will unless he was at the time mentally incapable.


Q.        My father asked me to write out a will for him.  Can I inherit?

A.        Any person who writes out a will or part thereof in his own handwriting is disqualified from receiving any benefits under the will.  The will in not invalidated but the bequest is void.


Q.        I have a child born out of wedlock.  Can this child inherit from his father?

A.        The fact that a person was born out of wedlock shall be ignored in determining his relationship to the testator or another person for purposes of the will.  If a testator does not want this situation he should deal specifically with the matter in his will.  An adopted child is deemed to be a descendant of his adoptive parent or parents and not a descendant of his natural parent or parents.


Q.        It is correct that attorneys charge exorbitant fees to administer an estate?

A.        This is absolutely incorrect.  The fees are laid down by tariff and apply to all executors.


Enquiries can be directed to Louis Nel of Mosdell, Pama & Cox of Knysna at e-mail









Q.        What is meant by per stirpes?

A.        This is a fancy latin term in common use in Wills and simply means a distribution by representation or families e.g. where a bequest is left to the issue per stirpes of A and B one half must be divided among the children of A and one half among the children of B.


Q.        Can a person die testate and intestate?

A.        Yes – For instance where a testator bequeaths one portion of his estate and omits to deal with the residue.  As I mentioned previously a will should be clear so rather than do it yourself consult an attorney will versed in the drafting of wills.


Q.        I am what is referred to as a “swallow” i.e. live in the U.K. and come to Knysna for the summer to play golf.  How are my assets dealt with?

A.        An executor is authorised to administer the “estate’ which is not defined.  In the ordinary sense estate includes all the assets of the deceased wherever situate.  A South African executor will not normally be able to deal with assets abroad and vice versa.  I suggest that all swallows ensure that they have a proper will relating to their assets in South Africa.


Q.        What is a joint will?

A.        This is simply a document containing the wills of two or more persons and is most frequently made by spouses married in community of property, but could be made by persons married out of community of property or persons not married to each other.


Q.        Is there a difference between a will and a codicil?

A.        Distinctions between the two do not really exist any longer.  What can be done by will can be done by codicil.  The distinction is really only one of nomenclature.  Every draftsman has his own style I prefer to redraft the entire will if possible so as to prevent the codicil becoming too cumbersome.


Q.        What is the difference between an heir and a legatee?

A.        A legatee is a person to whom the testator has bequeathed something specific.  An heir is a person who succeeds to the estate or a fractional portion of it after all debts have been paid i.e. he succeeds to the residue.



Enquiries can be directed to Louis Nel of Mosdell, Pama & Cox of Knysna at e-mail

Business Circle Administration – Riana Hanekom, Girl Friday on the Go

We would like to welcome Riana Hanekom from Girl Friday on the Go, to the Business Circle team. She will be helping us with updating member records and making sure that the Member Directory on this web-site is kept up to date. If you have any information that you want us to update e.g. cellphone numbers or an email address, please send this information to

riana hanekom

The Business Circle Team

Update – Business Breakfast 2nd May 2013 @ Simola

Big invitation to everybody related to the property and legal fields within the greater Knysna area to join us on the 2nd of May and ‘strut your stuff’ @ Simola. If you are into Property Maintenance, Design, Legal Firms, Estate Management or an Estate Agent, or offer services to these fields of business, this is your day. We already have over 60 RSVP’s!

5 people you really don’t want designing your website

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Everybody seems to be an expert when it comes to web design.

If you are tasked with maintaining or redesigning your website, then be warned: everyone will have an opinion, and most will insist that their opinion is correct. Most people tend to think that the way they use a website, is the way all people use it. I think it’s human nature to think that way. Someone once said that there are as many opinions in a room as there are backsides, or perhaps he used another term!

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